About Our Community Association

Olde Town Stoney Creek Community Association is a Not-For-Profit group, created to promote the local Downtown community. We hope to assist people in getting more engaged with planning, sustaining and supporting a thriving community in Olde Town, by celebrating the unique character of this historic neighbourhood. 


To preserve, promote and enhance the community

of Olde Town Stoney Creek.



To improve the quality of life & build a stronger

community in Olde Town Stoney Creek.



The Village Restaurant in the 1980's

In June 2017, a group of residents started a community group called The Friends of Olde Town Stoney Creek, with hopes of developing a collective voice and getting people involved in shaping the future of our beautiful community. 

By December, we had elected our first Board of Directors and formed Olde Town Stoney Creek Community Association.
  We incorporated as a Not-for-Profit the following year and have continue to work hard at initiatives for the betterment of our community. 

These include:

  • Hosting Public Community Meetings

  • Publishing a Community Newsletter

  • Making delegations/ presentations at Committee, Council & Board Meetings on behalf of our Community

  • Writing letters to government bodies & representatives on behalf of our community

  • Nominating local buildings for Heritage Registration 

  • Founding an annual Arts Festival, Stoney Creek's Art in the Parking Lot

  • Managing a Community Facebook & Instagram Account 

  • Working to connect & collaborate with other local Service Groups 
    (Stoney Creek Historical Society, Stoney Creek BIA, Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Battlefield Museum, Stoney Creek Santa Claus Parade ) 









Jillian Harris

Kathy Wakeman

Lehlia Banting McBeth


Stan Klimowicz 


Olde Town is the historic Downtown core of  Stoney Creek, where the village originated in the1780's. This strip of King Street has existed as the commercial centre of the area for over 200 years, originally existing as a native trail and even a local toll road at one point.

The original village occupied just over 1 square kilometre, from Highway 20, to Highway 8, to Gray Rd and stretching south up the escarpment to include Ridge Road and the Devils Punchbowl, with King Street running through the centre as the main drag.

Over the centuries, this area developed into the thriving city centre of Stoney Creek in Saltfleet Township. Stoney Creek eventually amalgamated with the City of Hamilton in 2001.


In the1990's the Olde Town area of King Street was rebranded by the City of Stoney Creek and a revitalization project was put into motion, with a particular focus on the business section of King Street, between Lake Avenue and New Mountain Road. 




However, after amalgamation, the revitalization became stalled. It has since been restructured and smaller pieces of the original concept have been implemented by the City of Hamilton, as a mean if defining and revitalizing Olde Town Stoney Creek. In the past 15 years, the area has been fitted with a new community centre, redesigned sidewalks, street markers, cobblestone, lamp posts, branded street signs, as well as a town square and fountain.  

ABOVE: The Powerhouse Restaurant, 2017 (Source- J. L. Harris) 

ABOVE: Looking west from Parkermanns down the north side of King St.(Source- J. L. Harris) 

ABOVE: The Stoney Creek Fountain & statue of Augustus Jones, 2017 (Source- J. L. Harris) 

ABOVE: The Village Restaurant & view east down King Street, 2017 (Source- J. L. Harris) 

Photo Source:  Vintage Stoney Creek

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