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About Us 


Olde Town Stoney Creek Community Association was created to inform people about the Olde Town district, planned developments and changes for the area and how to get involved in shaping the future of this beautiful community. We hope to engage and empower the people and friends of Stoney Creek in planning, sustaining and supporting a thriving community in Olde Town, based on the unique character of this historic neighbourhood. 


To preserve, promote and enhance the community

of Olde Town Stoney Creek.



To improve the quality of life & build a stronger

community in Olde Town Stoney Creek.


In June 2017, a group of residents started a community group called The 

Friends of Olde Town Stoney Creek, with hopes of developing a collective voice and getting people involved in the process of shaping the future of our beautiful community. By December we had elected our first Board of Directors and formed the Olde Town Stoney Creek Community Association. 

By creating a community network of information and interaction, we hope to build a stronger sense of belonging and connection between residents, businesses and the neighbourhood. Through this network we hope to enable people to create an influential voice in the municipal process and planning for this historic area of Stoney Creek/ Hamilton. 


There are many proposed developments and changes planned for Olde Town Stoney Creek over the next few years. The area has actually been undergoing various revitalization projects for nearly two decades to help define the Olde Town area into a thriving historic shopping and business district. As Stoney Creek becomes one of the quickest expanding areas in Hamilton, it is more important than ever to continue to preserve the Olde Town charm and develop this area into a thriving district in our city.


By enhancing this historic area, where the village of Stoney Creek originated over 250 years ago, we can create a truly distinctive neighbourhood that will become a destination for both the local and tourist market as our city continues to expand. 

The Village Restaurant










Jillian Harris

Kathy Wakeman

Lehlia Banting McBeth


Stan Klimowicz 


ABOVE: The Powerhouse Restaurant, 2017 (Source- J. L. Harris) 

ABOVE: Looking west from Parkermanns down the north side of King St.(Source- J. L. Harris) 

ABOVE: The Stoney Creek Fountain & statue of Augustus Jones, 2017 (Source- J. L. Harris) 

Photo Source:  J. L. Harris

Photo Source:  Vintage Stoney Creek

Olde Town is a defined area within Stoney Creek, where the village of Stoney Creek originated in the later 1700's. The stretch of King Street East, between Centennial Parkway and Gray Road, was the original bustling town centre that actually supported most of the surrounding towns. 

The Olde Town boarders stretched as far north as Highway 8 and south up the escarpment including Ridge Road and the Devils Punchbowl. Over the centuries, this area developed into the thriving city centre of Stoney Creek, but later became less defined, as Stoney Creek 

amalgamated with the City of Hamilton in 2001, despite being one of the fastest expanding areas in the city. 


In the1990's the Olde Town area of King Street was rebranded by the City of Stoney Creek and a revitalization project was put into motion, with a particular focus on the business section of King Street between Second Street and New Mountain Road. 




However, when Stoney Creek amalgamated with the City of Hamilton in 2001, the revitalization became stalled. It has since been restructured and smaller pieces of the original concept have been implemented over the past few years, in an attempt to define and revitalize the Olde Town district in Stoney Creek. In recent years, the area has been fitted with a new community centre, redesigned sidewalks, street markers, cobblestone, lamp posts, street signs, as well as a town square and fountain. 


The Stoney Creek BIA has been working with local businesses to improve the foot traffic in the area, holding many pedestrian focused events in Olde Town. The Stoney Creek Historical Society has also been working to promote the important heritage of Olde Town by sharing information online, as well as organizing community events, such as the Historic Olde Town Walking Tour that was held in June 2017. These types community organizations are so important for creating a sense of belonging and interaction within our neighbourhood. We hope that by working together to create a unifying force and stronger online presence for Olde Town Stoney Creek, we can help our community to flourish and grow in a positive direction. 

ABOVE: The Village Restaurant & view east down King Street, 2017 (Source- J. L. Harris) 

Olde Town Stoney Creek is the historic downtown area, where the village of Stoney Creek originated over 220 years ago. Bounded by Centennial Parkway, Highway 8, Gray Road, and Ridge Road; the Olde Town community includes the municipal neighbourhoods of Battlefield and Stoney Creek.  After amalgamation with the City of Hamilton in 2001, Stoney Creek has become one of the fastest expanding areas in the city. With many recent changes proposed for Olde Town Stoney Creek, many residents have begun to question how to take a more active role in having their voices heard and shaping the future of our historic community.