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in Olde Town Stoney Creek

Elementary School Closures and Future Plans for Collegiate Ave

There are many changes proposed for the Olde Town area, planned to occur over the next few years. 

As Stoney Creek is one of the most populous and fastest growing areas in the City of Hamilton, development is inevitable. However, during this time of expansion and growth, it is more important than ever that we shape, 

preserve and build a unified and defined district that will attract both local and tourist traffic, creating a true downtown core for the Stoney Creek area.

We will continue to post updated information about proposals and changes planned for the Olde Town area. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions or additional information. As well, please reach out to your City Councillors and School Trustees with your questions and concerns.  

                                                    Thank you!

United Church to be Listed For Sale

Developments Plans and UHOP/ Municipal Zoning Info